“Do You Remember Sarajevo” Exhibition takes us back Three Decades in History


Famous world photographer Milomir Kovacevic Strasni will present an exhibition scheduled to open on Saturday, October 19th at the Mostar Cultural Center, starting at 19:00 o’clock.

The organizers of the exhibition “Do You Remember Sarajevo” are the French Institute in BiH and the Cultural Center Mostar.

A collection of photographs from the 1980s and 1990s brings portraits of the Sarajevo people, as well as portions of the urban mosaic of the city.

Milomir Kovacevic Strasni was born in Cajnice and now lives and works in Paris. His artwork brings his personal story as well as his collective history.

Between intimacy and universality, life and death, past and present, eternal and transient, he is an artist who awakens nostalgia and memory.

The photos that will be presented as part of the exhibition “Do You Remember Sarajevo” are examples of pre-selected topics that take us 30 years back and give us a special emotion.

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