150,000 Coronavirus Tests to arrive to Clinical Centers in Bosnia and Herzegovina by the End of Week

By the end of the week, by Monday at the latest, 150,000 coronavirus tests will arrive to clinical centers in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This information was confirmed for “Avaz” by the Clinical Centre University of Sarajevo.

The Federal government is continuing to strengthen the health sector to better combat the spread of coronavirus, Federal Prime Minister Fadil Novalic said at a press conference on Saturday evening, Avaz news portal reports.

“On March 29th, delivery of 20,000 tests for coronavirus has begun in all parts of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina entity. Delivery will be done very soon, so all tests will be on the ground probably by tonight. Each municipality in the Federation will receive tests, which will allow health care institutions to start testing more extensively,” said Novalic.

The Federal government has purchased another 150,000 tests and they will be submitted shortly. Novalic said that other medical equipment was being purchased as well.  The government will take care of each municipality, Novalic said, stating that a comprehensive program and a set of economic measures are being finalized.

“No one will be neglected or forgotten,” said the Prime Minister, urging the citizens of the Federation to follow the measures and instructions of the medical profession and crisis staffs.

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