Thirteen Movies feature this Year’s Bosnian-Herzegovinian Film Festival (BHFF) in New York City

The Bosnian-Herzegovinian Film Festival (BHFF) in New York City is excited to announce the lineup for its 2019 edition. A total of 13 films will be screened at the festival, which also includes a series of Q&A and discussion panels with filmmakers, running from Wednesday, April 10 through Saturday, April 13 at SVA Theatre, in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood. Tickets are available now — get yours here!

This year’s program is incredibly diverse and tackles a range of important social and cultural themes, including family and intergenerational dynamics in contemporary Bosnia, institutional dysfunction and corruption and its effects, and the experiences and perseverance of women. The BHFF is delighted to showcase the work of a number of emerging filmmakers whose innovative works show an exciting range of aesthetic, thematic, and technical approaches. Additionally, BHFF is proud to present a 30th anniversary screening of Ademir Kenović’s 1989 film Kuduz—one of the most legendary Bosnian films, and one of the last great movies made in Yugoslavia.

Director Kenović and actress Snežana Bogdanović will attend in person and join us for a post-screening conversation–stay tuned for news about the other exciting special guests attending BHFF this year!

“This year’s program reflects a rich range of themes and aesthetic approaches, which attest to Bosnian and regional cinema continuing to expand transnationally,” said BHFF programming co-directors Dijana Jelača and Amir Husak. “We are proud to feature such a diverse group of films, and as always, to support women filmmakers in particular.”

The full list of movies, together with specifications can be seen here.

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