140 Students participate in ‘Making Markets Work for the New Generation in Bosnia-Herzegovina’


High school and university students from Sarajevo, Banja Luka, Mostar, Tuzla and Zenica, a total of 140, will be mentees in the mentoring program named “Making markets work for the new generation in B&H “, which is the project launched by BH Futures Foundation and “Market Makers” initiative.

This mentoring program is an extension of the Foundation’s regular mentoring program, which has been running for three years now and during which dozens of students from our country were given the opportunity to learn from experts employed by the world’s largest companies. The program covers all areas of engineering – from programming to bioengineering, with each area covered by an appropriate professional as a mentor.

On the first day of the program, participants went through workshops that will prepare them for intensive work with mentors. Orientation day was held yesterday in five cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina simultaneously – Sarajevo, Banja Luka, Mostar, Tuzla, and Zenica. today are professionals from local companies shared their experience noting how mentoring was important in the development of their careers.

Since 2015 our Foundation has been striving to empower young people in Bosnia and Herzegovina through education, technology, and global leadership. We believe that mentoring is the key to a successful career and an essential component for the development of future leaders.

One of our Foundation’s founders Eddie Custovic, SYPL Committee member Haris Arnautovic, and board member Haris Selmanovic had a special video message from Sri Lanka, where they participate as speakers at the IEEE Congress. They shared with participants the importance of mentorship for their careers.

A very important factor in the success of a young person is a good mentor. Mentoring has shaped my career, all the way from high school. Dedicate yourself to guiding your career through the advice of people who have already gone through what awaits you. Generally, it is very important that you take advice in life because that is what makes you exceptional. Our desire is to guide you on the right path to making your career as successful as possible. We want to create a circle of people who will always be your support, as well as make a major turnaround in our country’s labor market because we have exceptional talents and can compete globally. Also, our desire is to create a large network of young people where knowledge will be transferred from one generation to another– stated Eddie Custovic.

The mentoring program will last until August next year. Special praise goes to our scholars who have done a marvelous job organizing five events at the same time. Also, nothing of this would not be possible without our industry partners in every city. In Sarajevo we were hosted by Lonac startup studio, in Tuzla by DKR – German Center for Robotics, in Mostar by SPARK, in Banja Luka by JSGuru and in Zenica by Centar za mlade Zenica.

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