132 New Soldiers admitted to Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina

A solemn oath and a ceremony of admission to the professional military service of the 23rd class of soldiers of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina (AFBiH) was held on Friday at the location of the “Zaim Imamovic” barracks in Pazaric.

The ceremony was attended by representatives of the AFBiH Training and Doctrine Command (KOiD), the Commission for the Admission of Soldiers to Military Service and the Chief NCO of the NATO Headquarters in Sarajevo.

After welcoming remarks, Colonel Alem Kaplan, Commander of the Basic Training Center, pointed out that human resources are the most important part of any organization and that today is a great day for the AFBiH, “because we are richer for 132 young people, 20 of whom are women.

Today, history is being written at the Center, Colonel Kaplan points out, “because for the first time a solemn oath is being taken on the lines instead of lining up the whole class, all in order to respect the epidemiological measures of crisis headquarters to prevent the spread of Covid-19 virus.”

“Additionally, during the training, the candidates did not leave the location. This decision may have been difficult at the beginning, but it proved to be an excellent model, because during the nine weeks of training, only one ill candidate was registered, in the first week of training. At the same time, the candidates were more committed to their obligations and achieved better results in the continuity of learning “, said the Ministry of Defense of BiH.

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