1239 Persons infected with Coronavirus in Bosnia and Herzegovina



In the last 24 hours, coronavirus has been confirmed in another 26 people in Republika Srpska, Health Minister Alen Seranic said at a press conference on Saturday, Klix.ba news portal reports.

587 people were tested and one person from Banja Luka and Trebinje were tested in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Eight were infected from Banja Luka, eight from Nevesinje, two each from Knezevo and Laktasi, and one each from Celinac, Modrica, Trebinje, Ostra Luka, Gacko and from Sokolac. Among the infected are 14 women and 12 men.

Seranic said that a doctor from the University Clinical Centre of Republika Srpska and two workers from a retirement home in Banja Luka were among those infected.

“Most confirmed cases of infection have been in contact with people who were previously confirmed to have coronaviruses. So far, we have tested a total of 7,581 samples. There are 4,188 people under surveillance and 19,601 under control,” said Seranic.

There are currently 110 people on UKC RS, 38 with severe clinical imaging, 11 on intensive care, and 7 on a respirator. A total of 251 people recovered. “Among those infected are 16 people up to 15 years, from 15 to 29 years 67 people, from 30 to 64 years 323 people, from 65 to 74 years there are 54 people, over 75 years there are 40 people,” said Seranic.

There are a total of 1239 persons infected with coronavirus, 339 are recovered and 46 dead.


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