Exhumations at the newly found Mass Grave continues

July 19, 2017 1:45 PM

At the locality of Miljevina, near city of Foca, the exhumation continued today as well.

A spokeswoman for the Missing Persons Institute (INO) of BiH, Lejla Cengic said that parts of the human skeleton were being exhumed, but that the remains are not complete.

“The exhumations from this mass grave, which began on July 14th, will continue tomorrow as well. A complete site will be searched to determine if there are still remains of the dead in this mass grave,” said Cengic, recalling that mostly complete remains of five victims were exhumed from this mass grave.

After the exhumation, the remains were transported to the Center for Autopsy and Identification in Gorazde, where judicial and criminal-technical treatment will be carried out and bone samples will be taken to determine the victim’s identity based on the DNA analysis.

“According to INOBIH information, it is assumed that the skeletons belong to Bosniak civilians who were killed during the recent war,” said Cengic.

(Source: klix)


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