Wasterlund: I did not know BiH is this much beautiful! (video)


“Unrealistic experience in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), I have never thought that this country could be this much beautiful. This was an amazing trip, BiH is a hidden gem at least,” is stated in the description of the video made by the adventurer William Westerlund on Youtube.

Westerlund, a 21-year-old yound man living in Stockholm, spent several days in BiH after having published his travels from Montenegro and Croatia earlier.

However, as he said in a video that could serve as a great free commercial for BiH, he was delighted by what he saw in BiH which he visited after Montenegro. As he said, he did not have map or GPS. When asked about the places he visited in BiH, he said that among other places, he visited Mostar and Kravica waterfalls.

Take a look how his trip looked like in the following video.

(Source: radiosarjevo)

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