The Agency for the Agrarian Payment of RS paid one Million BAM for Incentives

POLAND-RUSSIA-APPLES-EMBARGOThe Agency for the Agrarian Payment of Republika Srpska (RS) paid in total 1,065,224 BAM on the basis of incentives for agricultural production.

After the payment today, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management announced that the public will be informed on the next payment.

In addition, the Agrarian Fund of the City of Trebinje will pay for 30 percent of the electricity costs to the water users’ associations, was confirmed by the director of this fund Veselin Dutina.

Moreover, he added that there is the right of subsidy for any registered association of water users in the area of Trebinje and that the city of tRebinje and the Fund have provided 80,000 BAM for the purchase of three mini refrigerators for keeping fruit and vegetables in rural areas.

The refrigerators, will be in the ownership of the Agrarian Fund and will be stationed in the local communities of Mosko, Lastva and Petrovo fields.

In addition to refrigerators, the Agrarian Fund will soon manage the “Hercegovacka House”, which will serve to promote and sell traditional Herzegovinian products.

“Hercegovacka House” will work throughout the whole tourist season and the whole day, so tourists can buy Herzegovinian products.

(source: ekapija)


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