Government of the FBiH to allocate 6 Million BAM for Airports

May 5, 2017 4:00 PM

airporttzThe Federal Government of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) has adopted three decisions on the adoption of a program of spending funds for promotion of air transport in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH). The funds will be allocated from the from the Federal Ministry of Transport and Communication’s budget for 2017 in the total amount of 6 million BAM.

“Public enterprise Mostar Airport approved 430 000 BAM for subvention of current costs for 2017. In the adopted Program of Capital Expenditure for 2017 for PE Mostar Airport in the amount of 1.570.000 BAM, for the extension of the platform 1.150. 000 BAM will be allocated, for the preparation of project documentation 60 000 BAM, equipment for receiving and shipping of airplane 160 000 BAM, repair of maneuvering surfaces 60 000 BAM, installation of parking charge 50 000 BAM, procurement of IT equipment 10 000 BAM and construction of cargo facility 80 000 BAM”, was announced by the Government of the FBiH.

Moreover, public enterprise Bihac Airport is to receive 2 million BAM from the Government of FBiH.

“These funds will be spent on project documentation – 500 000 BAM, fencing of facilities 400 000 BAM, construction of the access road 400 000 BAM, relocation of existing facilities 500 000 BAM and 200 000 BAM for licenses and permits,”is stated in the press release.

For the PE Tuzla Airport 430 000 BAM will be allocated for operating expenses and 1.570.000 BAM for reconstruction project of the passenger terminal building with supporting infrastructure.



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