Interesting Story: How is Bijeljina similar to Amsterdam?

April 18, 2017 4:45 PM

bijeljina bicycles BiHIn Bijeljina city, bike is a basic means of transport that all generations are using. Residents of this Semberija municipality say that the cycling is a habit that follows them for a lifetime.

The same story is said by Ramo Čančarević from Janja, who drives bicycle since 1945.

Simply, it is a way of life. Here, we sit down on a bike as soon as we get out of the house, or we ride beside it, but it has to always be near us. As a child I drove it, after I had a car, but I used it only when I go out of Bijeljina,said Cancarevic.

He points out that he worked in Germany, and that as he got used to the environment, got the bike and drove to work.

According to this seventy seven years old man, brand of the bicycle is not essential.

It is important for a bike not to be heavy, especially for us seniors, said Čančarević.

For the end of the conversation, he emphasized that he is in the eighth decade of life and vital, and that 90 percent of his health he owes to a bicycle.

(Source: radiosarajevo)


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