PM of Slovenia met with Members of BiH Presidency

April 10, 2017 5:45 PM

miroslav cerar PM slovenia presidency membersMembers of BiH Presidency have received the Prime minister of the Republic of Slovenia Miroslav Cerar today.
All participants of the meeting agreed that the bilateral relations between BiH and the Republic of Slovenia are traditionally good and friendly and in that is in the interest of both countries to promote cooperation in the fields of economy, industry and trade.

Interlocutors expressed the hope that the positive trend in foreign direct investment from the Republic of Slovenia in BiH will be continued, which will represent an incentive for development of the economy of BiH.

Members of the BiH Presidency informed the Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovenia on the forthcoming activities on the European integration of BiH and the process of activating the Action Plan for NATO membership.

Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovenia stressed the readiness of the country to provide continuous support for reform process that BiH has taken for obtaining EU candidate status. Moreover, Slovenia offered technical and expert assistance to help the BiH’s road to EU accession.

Welcome to the previous meetings at high and highest levels, which are a special impetus to the further development of good bilateral relations and regional cooperation.

BiH Presidency members expressed their gratitude for the support and help of Slovenia for BiH.

The meeting was attended Tugomir Culjak, advisor to the Croatian member of the BiH Presidency Dragan Covic, is announced the BiH Presidency.



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