Pope’s Envoy Hoser: special role of Medjugorje is extremely important

April 6, 2017 1:45 PM

medjugorje3Special Pope’s envoy to Medjugorje Msgr. Henryk Hoser said that people in Medjugorje come to quench the thirst of a holy God and faith and that the special role of Medjugorje is extremely important.

“People come here to quench their thirst for a holy God and faith. They reveal a prayer. All of this is happening with the help of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Special Role of Medjugorje is extremely important. We can tell the whole world that there is light in Medjugorje agai. We need points of light in a world that falls into the darkness, “said Hoser while meeting with reporters in the hall of “St. John Paul II”.

He added that for the first time he did not know the situation in Medjugorje, but he knew it was a place of international pilgrimage.

Medjugorje is only 36 years old. It is time to make the first estimates which are important for the future development. Moreover, he pointed out that pilgrims come to Medjugorje because they heard about the apparitions that occurred in 1981, while others come to discover something extraordinary.

“The first thing is the ambience and atmosphere of peace and serenity, but also large area of deep spirituality. Pilgrims re-discover their life and what means holy and sacred. Sacred means specially reserved for that which is divine. Worship in Medjugorje is transmission of the word of God, adoration, where the real presence of Jesus Christ is revealed, “said Hoser.

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