BiH and Serbia as biggest producers of Potato in the Region

April 1, 2017 3:30 PM

potatoWith the production of 639,000 tons, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia are the biggest producers of potatoes in the region, while Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro and Kosovo are classified among the ten countries with the lowest production of potatoes in Europe, showed the latest data from Eurostat.
In 2015, the European Union produced 53 million tons of potatoes, which is 36 percent less compared to 2000. Germany is still the largest regional producer of potatoes, with a share of 19.5 percent (10.3 million tones), ahead of France 13.4 percent (7.1 million), the Netherlands 12.5 percent (6.6 million), Polish 11.6 (6.1 million) and the UK 10.5 percent (5.5 million tons).

The previously mentioned means that of three tons of potatoes produced in the EU, two tons are produced in the five member countries.

When it comes to the EU member states, the production amounts to 171,000 tones, Croatia has made only 0.3 percent of European production of potatoes, while Slovenia produced 91,000 tons of potatoes and had a share of 0.2 percent. The smallest share in the production of potatoes from EU member states had Luxemburg  with 13,000 tons and Malta with 8000.

The sixth largest producer of potatoes in Europe is Turkey with a production of 4.7 million tons of potatoes in 2015.

(Source: akta)



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