Republika Srpska to be indebted for additional 6.5 million BAM

March 20, 2017 2:45 PM

rs_vladaRepublika Srpska (RS) will be indebted for additional 6.5 million BAM which will be used for the rehabilitation and reconstruction of the complex “Krajiskih Brigada” Zaluzani. The complex will be reconstructed and used by the Ministry of Interior of RS.

The decision on the previously mentioned loan will be considered at the next session of the National Assembly of RS which will be held on 28th March.

Loan funds are intended for the construction of three new buildings, repair and renovation of ten existing buildings, reconstruction of two existing buildings and the exterior of the complex.
The Government of the RS will ask for the loan from the domestic financial institutions, with a condition for a loan to be repayable within a period minimum of five and maximum of ten years with the interest rate of a maximum of six per cent per year.
When explaining the decision on the debt, the RS Government stated that it was a “capital investment”.

“The project includes the construction of three new facilities: a reception, storage of weapons and building to accommodate dogs. Moreover, the rehabilitation and renovation of ten existing buildings are planned as well, namely the administration building, four buildings for the accommodation of the police, two warehouses, infirmary, club and auxiliary facilities. In addition, for two objects repairs are planned. In addition, the entire complex requires external regulation, which includes the creation of situational, traffic, hydrotechnical solution and heating of the complex”, is stated in the decision.

This credit will increase the total debt of RS, which amounted to five billion and 401.75 million BAM in 2016, which accounts for 56.85 percent of the estimated GDP for last year.

(Source: klix)



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