Meeting on the former Yugosalvia’s Succession Issues to be held in Belgrade

March 19, 2017 3:00 PM

old sarajevoThe next meeting on former Yugoslavia succession issues will be held in Belgrade, in order to agree on the division of 51 properties worth more than 110 million Dollars, reports the Radio Television of Serbia (RTS).

Namely, the former Yugoslavia had 123 properties around the world, which were used for diplomatic-consular missions, which are now divided on 72 properties due to the collapse of Yugoslavia on smaller states.

“Our interest is to end the Annex B the earliest possible and to come out with a clear situation, to see our full assets and to make our plans for the management, maintenance, usage, sale, purchase and smaller replacements,” said General Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Serbia Veljko Odalovic.

The division of property that is owned by former Yugoslavia is specified through seven annexes: movable and immovable property, diplomatic and consular properties, financial claims, archives, pensions, debt and private properties.

Annex B is sold the most, with the 30 shared facilities given to Serbia, 18 to Croatia, 10 to Slovenia and 10 to Bosnia and Herzegovina and 4 to Macedonia.

Still, it is waited for a division of 51 properties, as property issues with the countries where they are is not resolved yet.

Currently, there is controversy over the buildings in Addis Ababa, New Delhi and Moscow.

(Source: klix)



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