10,000 new White Pine Seedlings to be planted on Jahorina Mountain

A reforestation action on Jahorina Mountain is currently underway and it is planned for 10,000 new white pine seedlings to be planted.

“The action is realized in cooperation with the public companies of the Forest of Srpska and the Jahorina Forestry, which I thank for the cooperation and support on this and other projects that are ongoing on Jahorina,” said the Director of the Jahorina Olympic Center Dejan Ljevnaic at a press conference.

He added that “Jahorina is one of the largest construction sites at the moment and that some of the infrastructure projects involve deforestation”, but that they have decided to “repay nature” through afforestation.

“The project envisages that the forested site protects the ski slopes from the wind, but also beautifies the appearance of the mountain,” said Ljevnaic.

Prema njegovim riječima, na Jahorini postoji još mnogo lokacija pogodnih za pošumljavanje koje će biti obuhvaćene u nekim narednim akcijama.

According to him, there are many more sites suitable for afforestation in Jahorina that will be covered in some future actions. “More than 80 volunteers participate in the action, who together with us want to raise awareness of the importance and protection of the forest as one of the most important resources. Every tree planted is a great gift for the mountain but also our gift to future generations,” added Ljevnaic.

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